About me

When I was about 13 an artist set up in out neighbors field at the
end of our driveway -across the road.  His view was a field of strawberries
and a large mulberry tree and farm house at the other end of the field.  I would
stand behind him as soon as I got home from school every day for about a week. 
I tried not to bug him, but he didn't mind talking some.  After that I started visitng
art galleries and art shows.  I didn't realize then that one could make a living painting.

I took an art class at a small jr college in Maui in 1962. They said go buy some paints and canvas boards. Then they said go out and paint.  I found a photo recently of my first painting (looking from inside a grotto out to the ocean and shoreline in the distance -- someone swiped it and it may be hanging in a living room somewhere).  I have been waylaid by Chinese studies, travel, Army duty, running a chiropractic office and, more lately, reviewing work comp medical treatment-- in general, making a living -- but I have always continued to paint.