Monday, December 3, 2007

Gramma's House

Gramma (1888 - 1982) covered her walls with her paintings. When in her 90s Gramma gave me first choice of a painting and I chose this one. Self-taught like myself Gramma based this painting on a postcard. Gramma wrote in pencil on the back: Kathryn Stocking August 12, 1933. Nowadays we have posterboard and panels and masonite and birch. Looks like Gramma used a simple cardboard mat. The Stocking name, by the way, goes back to the English Doomsday book (census of 10th c.). In our line, George Stocking (1582-1683) came over from Suffolk England in 1633. He brought his second wife and had one child at age 71. He was in the Hooker Party that founded Hartford CT in 1636. Tuesday, 10 April 2007.
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