Friday, February 26, 2010

new project. Philomena has several large (Ikea) photos on her office wall AND a remaining empty space. An artist wants to fill an empty space. So I got a 3 x 4 foot masonite piece (Lowe's) and tripled layered it with Gesso and sketched out (in reverse of the other pieces for variety and symmetry) a similar scene (see photo of one of the wall hangings). This will be acrylic but we need to establish a background degree of darkness/contrast and I have always wanted to really use some Van Dyke Brown water color - so I sketched in a bit with charcoal and provided a layer of Van Dyke watercolor brown to set the tone and get going on this. Wish me luck on this new project (pronounced like "target"). I know you don't see much yet but it is coming into view in my mind and will materialize further. Keep in mind what Mario Cooper used to say - what's the hurry - after all it's a work of art.

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