Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 x 3 foot acrylic landscape painting

New painting in process. Last month I did a Chinese Karst hills scene in a 3 x 4 ft format. This is 2 x 3 feet which makes for easier handling and I have found a plywood from China that is thin, light, very strong and is perfect for this size painting. Shop at Lowe's- 4 x 8 piece --3 cuts and you have four 2x 3 foot panels plus two 2 x 2 foot panels for $11. Add several layers of Gesso and get going. No need for back bracing. This was done in about two hours - out of my head - but I did do something similar a month prior.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Is it Luan? I get birch panels from Lowes and love that they cut it on that big saw.
Your paintings are very colorful and you're brave to be doing these huge ones!

Mark Landes said...

The label just says 5.0 Utility Plywood. It is light but very strong. Large paintings are easier in many ways. Since I started with water colors I do think I need to get more paint on the canvas however. Thanks comments. I think people hesitant to comment trying to think of something positive. I actually prefer comments that help me progress.