Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm getting visitors from China so I will briefly note my background as far as Chinese studies. I studied Chinese language at Stanford and University of CA Berkeley. I was drafted during the Vietnam war and signed up for Army Intelligence, hoping for Chinese language school. There were 20 in my intelligence class and we all had orders for language school (Spanish for me) but at the last minute they sent us all to Vietnam. I studied with a older Chinese scholar I found working in a watch shop in a market place. After Vietnam I spent a year in Germany and then went back to school at UC Berkeley. I studied with Kun Chang, Ch'en Shih-hsiang, Peter Boodberg, Tu Wei-ming and attended quite a few Buddhist sermons of Abbot To Lun in San Francisco. I finished the BA and then spent 5 years completing the Masters including several years in Taiwan at the Stanford Center and two years working for the National Palace Museum. I did Ph'D work in Seattle and by then I was married and had a child so I went out into the working world.....I have not yet visited mainland China. I would like to travel about China and paint. I find pleasure in learning and timely review (K'ung) but also have a distrust for the written word (Tao) and try to keep a sense of humor (Chuang). Excuse the old style ping yin.

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